Production – Artifex Lab

Production stages

Choosing the best materials

We choose the most representative and expressive section of each piece of wood or stone. We cut, grind and sand it, and then we close its pores with several layers of resin, preparing it for casting.

Resin casting

The resin is cast in layers. Depending on the volume of the finished object, this stage can take 6 to 15 days. After casting is completed, it takes 4 to 6 days for the resin to completely cure.

Sanding & Polishing

After the resin is completely cured and hardened, it must be sanded with water and sandpaper. We use sandpaper with granulation from 400 to 6,000. Then we polish with 3 different types of sponges and 3 types of polish paste.

Fastening/ Accesories

Whether for tables, lamps or decorative walls, we design the legs, the lighting system or the fixing system so that it is in harmony with the area of interest of the product.

Documents accompanying the product

All our products are accompanied by a Prospectus and a Certificate of Authenticity.


The Prospectus contains information regarding the concept of the product, what materials were used, the conditions of use and maintenance tips.


This document guarantees the authenticity of the product, as an object designed and created by the Artifex Lab Company, which owns all the copyright and other copyright related rights for the product.

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