Our story

Our story began in 2015, when Ioan Stanean, an artist and graphic designer, decided to go from the design board to the workbench to bring the objects he imagined to life.

The vision

He wanted to bring the beauty of the massive wood to light and into people’s homes and to create objects that differ from mass-produced items that are made from LDF or MDF and glass.
Epoxy resin is the perfect material to accomplish this vision.

The rest of the team soon followed him in his dream. As individuals, we have years of experience in graphic design and advertising. As a team, we create pieces of furniture that are useful art objects.

parallax background

All our items are handmade

Our products are unique and therefore there are small differences between them, given by the fiber of each piece of wood and by how elements are arranged in the composition. Even the Torn Lamps, which are a collection of similar objects, are not perfectly identical to each other.

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